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Edel -

Edel Group is one of the oldest Dutch carpet manufacturer located in the Netherlands for  more than 90 years engaged in the production of floor coverings. The company manufactures tufted carpet on the latest tufting machines, made ​​of synthetic materials and wool. These are offered in rolls and tiles. Part of the Group several manufacturers are part of the whole production. From fiber to finish the carpets. The company is not only active in the Netherlands, also in Germany and Great Britain. Meanwhile, the company offers its collections worldwide.

Bewe -

Bewe is a Dutch family company founded in 1946. Until today Bewe is one of the leading Dutch manufacturers. This company produces high quality flooring for commercial purposes and residential markets. The carpets in rolls of 400 cm and 500 cm widely available. All qualities are both roles as in tile form available. This makes it possible to combine both, so these qualities can creatively be installed in several rooms. Bewe has modern production capacities. The carpets are produced in factories in Hasselt and Genemuiden (Netherlands)

Jacaranda -

The English firm Jacaranda Carpets, exclusive offers handwoven rugs in natural colors and natural materials. These are for both the private and the project market intended. The production is of conventional type and by means of original technologies. The products of Jacaranda Carpets are very unique. Unique in its design and co-operating comfort. The standard range of Jacaranda is hand woven carpets and leather carpets and has a delivery time of two weeks. It is also possible to make special requested hand-woven carpet for the customer.  (individual design, color, size, etc.)

Marlin -

Marlin specializes in producing high quality carpet tiles for commercial projects. Marlin uses in most of the products Antron polyamide fiber and is capable to made technical solutions during the production. Marlin produces the most important qualities in a division of 1/12. This means that the qualities can be offered in a higher density and wear resistance than other producers on the market. Marlin finds it important that its products connected to the living conditions of the users and to hold the technical data of their products transparently. Therefore there is the British Ecological certificate BRE Global and the German DIBT certificate made ​​available to customers. The Carpet Tiles are successfully tested IBM, which proves the fitness for use in three dimensional. 

Tajima -

The company Tajima is the largest Japanese manufacturer of commercial PVC flooring and vinyl floor coverings. Tajima has been around for over 100 years. In total, more than 2,500 employees, spread over 4 factories in Japan and 1 in South Korea. Tajima produces 75 different types of PVC floor coverings and has managed to get a 35% market share in Japan. In Europe, Tajima can deliver four product types from stock. In addition, Tajima has 2 types vinyl blinds in various colors and self layble PVC tiles with a patented anti-slip base. These tiles can be installed without glue.

Lexmark -

Lexmark is specialized in producing carpet for hotel projects. The offer is applicable in all rooms for a hotel. The company offers unique designs. Lexmark has been working closely with architects Stacy Garcia. Who are one of the leaders in the world of hotel designers. Lexmark offers unique designs and shapes of runners who apply not only in hotels but also are applicable for restaurants and other hotel rooms. All products by Lexmark are produced by the patent protective nylon fiber. The products are equipped with an anti-bacterial protection called Lexshield and are extremely colorfast. Lexmark is a carpet supplier of a wide range of hotel chains worldwide. Known chains are Marriot, Hyatt, Hilton, Hilton, Best Western, etc.