Carpet tiles

Don’t want to have a plain and “boring” carpet in your office or other space? Try carpet tiles.

Due to their hardwearing properties, carpet tiles are especially suitable for commercial spaces.

However, thanks to the possibility of combining colours and shapes, they can also be used in residential projects. We offer carpet parts in various designs; although the product is called “carpet tiles”, you can see in the pictures that it is also available in a lot of other, non-standard formats.

Our suppliers

Collection of carpet tiles from major European manufacturers under our own Capital brand.

Carpet tiles in standard dimensions as well as special shapes in a wide range of colours.

Carpet rolls

Wide range of carpets suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Vinyl floor

Do you prefer “smooth” floors? Vinyl flooring is right here for you.


Do you want to fine-tune your interior to perfection? A rug will fit the bill.

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