Our offer

Take a look at our wide range of floor coverings. What you see on the web is only a fraction of what we can offer you. If you have any specific wishes or have not found what you are looking for, contact us.

Carpets in rolls

We offer carpets suitable for residential and commercial spaces, in a wide range of colours, materials, and widths, and with the use of various production technologies.

Are you looking for a carpet for an apartment, a plain or luxury one? Or are you looking for hotel carpets, heavy-duty or contract carpets? Take a look at our offer. You will find the Edel, Jacaranda or Jabo brands here.


A rug completes the design of each interior, creates an atmosphere of comfort, beauty, functionality and luxury, and fulfills a useful and aesthetic function. We offer rugs in various designs, colours and materials.

Tell us what kind of carpet you are looking for and we will prepare an offer tailored to your needs. We offer classic or luxury rugs, but also sisal rugs, hand-woven, embroidered rugs and more.

Carpet tiles

Due to their hardwearing properties, carpet tiles are especially suitable for commercial spaces, but thanks to the possibility of combining colours and shapes, they can also be used in residential projects. The advantage of carpet tiles is the possibility of easy replacement of a tile if it is damaged.

Liven up your interior with a rug. We offer standard dimensions of 50 × 50, but also non-standard formats according to your needs. Choose a material that is suitable for your space, such as cashmere or sisal. We will be happy to advise you on your choice.

Vinyl floors

Designs of vinyl LVT floors imitate wood, stone, concrete, tiles, textiles or abstract patterns. They are suitable for both commercial and residential spaces. They have a number of excellent properties, such as very high durability, easy maintenance and very good acoustic properties.

This type of floor has recently become very popular, mainly because it combines practicality and design. We offer many types, colours and shapes.

Loose lay

Loose-lay vinyl flooring is a relative newcomer on the market and is enjoying increasing popularity. Why? Because it is a very high-quality material that can be installed without adhesives. If damage occurs, you merely replace the damaged part without complicated cutting or gluing.

Thanks to its patented backing, the loose-lay Contract SL vinyl floor compensates for the minimum height differences of the base layer and can be installed on underlays with a humidity of up to 8 %.