News in carpet tiles collection Capital

The Capital carpet tiles collection has been expanded with 4 new products: Innsbruck, Sydney, Frankfurt and Chicago. All of them are already available as standard, you can find more information at

100% recyclable products Edel

Edel has included 2 new 100% recyclable 100% polyester rugs in the collection – Nexus and Eternity. Both products are already in stock and it is possible to order them as made-to-measure rugs.

Summer holiday 2023

The summer vacation will take place in weeks 30, 31 and 32. The last loading is possible on 20.07.2023, operation will resume again on 14.08.2023. The company will be closed from 24/07 to 11/08/2023.

New collection Authentic in Therdex LVT

The LVT Authentic collection by Therdex reproduces the wooden floor very faithfully thanks to the authentic embossing. In addition to the large planks in the size of 23×152 cm, it is now also available in herringbone design in the size of 15×75 cm. More...

Besouw rugs

It is possible to make rugs in individual shapes and sizes from all materials of the Besouw company, and now it is possible to combine several colors in one carpet in shapes according to the customer’s wishes.

News in Capital carpet tiles collection

The Capital collection of carpet tiles has been expanded with the new colors of the Berlin product in 4 linear designs, the new Palermo product in microtufting, which replaces the Oslo product, and the new San Francisco product, which replaces the Austin product. All...